Wednesday 1 April 2020

Rope and Ladder - Rope and Ladder (2020)

The debut album from this US band.

The band is a duo with a lineup of programming, bass, guitars, keyboards, drums and vocals.
There is some female vocals here and I guess these two male members has hired in some guest musicians to get this big sound.

Another new debut album from USA. As I have noted in another review, there is a lot of new bands and projects popping up now from USA. Mostly on CD Baby or Bandcamp.

Music wise, we are not exactly talking Simon & Garfunkel here. The sound is big, bold and epic.

The rock opera, this one hour long rock opera, and I have no idea about it's lyrics and contents, opens quite pedestrian and pastoral before it really become very epic and bold.

This part, the rest of the album can be found somewhere between hard rock, progressive metal and djent.

Besides of the screaming, the male and female vocals are good. The musicians does an OK job.

The problem with this rock opera is the missing contrasts between shades and lights. If the cover art-work did not say A Rock Opera, I would never have guessed that it is a rock opera. It could had been a collection of songs with no connections between them.

The quality is not good either. The songs are pretty generic and this album does not really appeal to me at all.

Progressive metal fans should check out this album.

2 points

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