Monday 28 October 2019

Parlour Band. The - Is A Friend ? (1972)

The one and only album from Jersey, UK.

The band was a quintet with a lineup of bass, guitars, percussion, slide guitars, drums, keyboards and vocals.

This band was from the Channel Islands between France and The British Isles. They later shortened their name to The Band Called O and The O Band. They also adopted an AOR style of music.

But that was long after the release of this album.

This album has got a cult status and that made me interested in it. 

The base camp of their music is folk rock. Add a lot of beat as in The Beatles, some King Crimson, acid rock, psych rock and some harder rock.

The music is pretty hippie at times and flower power. Other times, it is pretty menacing hard.

There are some really good songs here too. These are catchy beat songs with a lot of acid folk.

Besides of these charming songs, there is also a lot of really good details on this album. Enough to elevate this to a good album.

Check out this album as it is a true hidden gem.

3 points

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