Saturday 23 January 2021

Zuffanti. Fabio - La Foce Del Ladrone (2011)


The fourth album from this Italian artist.

Fabio Zuffanti did the synths, bass, guitars, loops and vocals on this album.

He had help from numerous guest musicians who provided violin, viola, cello, percussion, drums, bass, guitars and backing vocals.

I cannot really say his previous solo albums has impressed me at all. His band efforts are great or superb. On his own..... he is not down my alley.

La Foce Del Ladrone sees Fabio Zuffanti embracing Italian pop and rock. There are even some attempts on Europop here.

This album is forty minutes long and the songs are all short and pretty punchy and melodic.

Half of the songs are rather good too and that is a positive development. I am not a fan of the Europop here and does not rate these songs particular high.

This album is still an album somewhere between decent and good. It is an album well worth a listen or two.

2.5 points





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