Monday 4 May 2020

Hammill. Peter - From The Trees (2017)

The 40th album from this British artist.

Peter Hammill does everything again on this album. Guitar, piano, synths and vocals.

This is another bare-bones album from Peter Hammill. A true solo album.

Another singer-songwriter album in other words.

The lyrics are really strong. His vocals are really good.

The quality of the songs.... Well, they are stripped down to level I am no fan of. I am more a fan of music with instruments and preferably; some vocals on the top of that.

This album is very, very personal from a person I really like from the VDGG and the first Peter Hammill albums. How can I talk bad and be objective about such a naked heart performance ?

The songs are not really good at all. There is no songs on this album that jumps out of the speakers here.

This is barely a decent album and I very much prefer his first albums than his last albums.

2 points

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