Thursday 17 June 2021

Anathema - Falling Deeper (2011)

The tenth album from this band from England.

Anathema was a sextet on this album with a lineup of drums, bass, guitars, keyboards and vocals.

The band had help from a strings ensemble and a female vocalist. That vocalist is Anneke Van Giersbergen.

This is not really a studio album with new songs.

This is old songs in strings arrangements and with some female vocals. That on the top of the normal rock instruments and male vocals.

I should therefore not have reviewed this album but I have included it as these versions is substantial different from the original versions of the songs.

The music is laid back and sombre. Melancholic in fact and the Anathema trade mark is very much in force on this album.  

A couple of their songs is from their doom metal era too and these new versions are good. The rest is decent to good.

I prefer new studio albums to this one. But it is not a bad album at all and defends it's position in the Anathema discography.

2.5 points


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