Tuesday 17 December 2019

Habelard2 - Il Ritorno Del Gallo Cedrone (2015)

The second album from this Italian artist.

Habelard2 is Sergio Caleca on drum programming, guitars and synths.

This album is a re-recording of the 1990 demo-album of the same name with five extra tracks. Which is fair enough and a good reason to review the 2015 album.

In my review of the debut album, I said I did not like the music at all. So I was not looking forward to reviewing this album at all.

Il Ritorno Del Gallo Cedrone offers us a lot more developed pieces of music than the debut album did.

The music is still instrumental.

The music is also very much in the Goblin vein with some dark pieces of music.

The music is in general very cinematic and should appeal to those who likes ambient cinematic music.

There is also a couple of more muscular, instrumental tracks.

The music is not bad at all. This album is decent enough but not something I would associate with proper RPI. But fans of Goblin may disagree with me.

2 points

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