Friday 10 July 2020

Proud Peasant - Flight (2014)

The so far one and only album from this US band.

The band is a quartet with a lineup of keyboards, bass, drums and guitars.

Three songs, forty-six minutes. Yes, this is symphonic prog.

But with some added spices.

Take Gryphon and Morrigan, add some Camel and some of Caravan. Add English folk rock and medieval chamber rock and some Mexican folk rock.

You will then end up with this album.

The music has some really cool stuff and a very good ambience. It is also very dynamic with mood and melody changes on a frequent basis.

The mix of keyboards and guitars are great. The keyboards also generates some trumpet and flute sounds which is cool.

This is indeed a very good album and a breathe of fresh air in the symphonic prog genre. Check out this album.

3.5 points

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