Saturday 12 May 2018

Yesterdays - Colours Caffé (2011)

The second album from this Romanian band.

Yesterdays was a sextet with a lineup of guitars, keyboards, bass, drums, flute and drums.
They were supported by numerous guest artists who provided trumpet, vocals and guitars.
The album was produced Ty Tabor from King's X, one of the legendary bands in my world.

I reviewed their 2006 debut album Holdfenykert back in March 2015 and liked that album. You can read my review here.
The band is a female vocals fronted band. The difference is that Linda Horvath's vocals is in her local language. The Romenian language. That add a lot of colours to the music.

Their music is a mix of neo-prog and folk rock. Add a lot of symphonic prog too and you have a nice fifty minutes long album.

The songs are all good. The album is missing some fireworks and some great songs. That is my only gripe with this charming, good album.

Check it out and you will find a good album which will raise the quality of your life.

3 points


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