Sunday 9 September 2018

Proportions - Reboot (2018)

The debut album from this multi-national project.

The project consist of a lineup of guitars, keyboards, mandolin, bass, drums, orchestration and percussion.
The project got help from cello and xtra guitars and bass.

The project has members from Canada, Sweden and USA and is a quartet.
This album has also been recorded in various studios in Sweden, USA and Canada.

The music on this fifty odd minutes long album is a mix of ambient, fusion, prog metal, staccato eclectic prog and symphonic prog.

The music is wholly instrumental and does not offer up much difference from what we can find on similar albums.

There is no real good music here. The music is very formula based. There is lots of guitar solos. There is the occasional prog metal shredding. There is some eclectic prog and some jazzy pieces.

Those who loves music like this will need to check out this album.

I am not convinced though and my rating reflects that.

2 points

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