Friday 14 December 2018

Draft & Bill - Reported Missing (1992)

The one and only album from this Italian band.

The band was a quintet with a lineup of drums, guitars, bass, keyboards and vocals.

The early 1990s was the era of neo-prog. A lot of bands popped up and they got their released out on, among other labels, Mellow Records.

That is exactly what Draft & Bill did.

I am not sure what they mean with the band name and I am not sure about the artwork either. It does not seems well thought out and the concept is..... not particular clever.

The music is neo-prog in the vein of Pendragon. Or rather with some shorter songs than Pendragon.

They have carried over the bad ideas and sound from the 1980s to this album. Something tells me this album was written in the 1980s.

The vocals is horrible. They sounds like the final sounds of a dying red deer. The guitars is not too bad. The drums sounds cheap and the keyboards is way of being any good.

The songs are poor and these forty minutes x several times to make up my mind is rather painful.

This is a turkey as good as any other turkeys. I am not surprised that this band only released one album.

1 point

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