Friday, 26 April 2019

Bremen - Enter Silence (2019)

The fourth album from this band from Sweden.

Bremen is a duo in fact with a lineup of keyboards, guitars, bass and drums.

I have not had the chance to listen to their previous three albums. So I cannot make any comment on their progression from their 2012 self-titled debut album to the new album.

The bleak and barren art-cover says a lot about the music here. The music is indeed bleak.

Bleak as in space rock.

There are also a lot of post-rock and psych rock here too. Add some gloom rock too and you get this.

The music is sparsely performed with keyboards and guitars. Mostly with spaced out gloomy music. There is not much normal tunes and songs here as soundscapes.

This whole fifty minutes long album is minimalism as per it's definition. A couple of lush patches of grass livens up this desert a lot. But there is not much greenery here.

The quality is somewhere between decent and good. There are some good stuff here and some decent stuff here. I am not convinced about the quality of this album.

2.5 points

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