Friday 21 June 2019

Cosmograf - Capacitor (2014)

The fourth album from this English one-man band.

The band is Robin Armstrong on keyboards, piano, synths, bass, guitars and vocals.
He has got help from numerous other guest musicians on bass, drums, keyboards, e bow, guitar and vocals.

I have been following Cosmograf with great interest over the last years. The first three albums has been reviewed in this blog and in # 1 of this blog.

Robin Armstrong plays a big sound version of neo-prog. That is essentially what Cosmograf is.

There is a lot of Pink Floyd on this album too. That is David Gilmour's version of Pink Floyd. The melodic version of Pink Floyd.

There is also a lot of Marillion here.

The mood is pretty dark as this is a concept album about us human beings. Nothing to be cheerful about, in other words......

The vocals and the musicians is very good. This album is a slow grower though. The Pink Floyd similarities are very evident throughout this album.

I am not so won over by this album as I was won over by the previous two album. Cosmograf is still one of the best British bands in the neo-prog scene. This album is a good album, though.

3 points

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