Thursday 7 November 2019

Raccomandata Ricevuta Ritorno - In Rock (2019)

The third album from this Italian band.

The band is a sextet on this album with a lineup of guitars, keyboards, flute, saxophone, bass, percussion, drums and vocals.

If this twenty-eight minutes long record is an album or not, is up for debate. It does not include much new material and the inclusion of Ozzy Osbourne's Mr. Crowley as a filler gives me some doubts.

The band is one of the real cult bands of the RPI scene and I will still review it.

I reviewed their first two albums for ProgArchives ten years ago and I really liked them. They gave us a mix of epic RPI and jazz. This band has a good reputation in my world and this is why I picked up this album almost on the day it was released.

The jazz parts has gone here but there is still some folk rock in their RPI and some epic compositions.

The album starts with three newish and re-arranged songs in the good old RPI tradition and these are really good songs. Dramatic, epic and good.

Mr. Crowley..... why the heck did they do a cover of this evergreen ? It is a fantastic song but I would stick to the original or the one from the Randy Rhoads tribute live album. The version here feels out of place and out of touch.

The two final songs are OK without reaching the level of the first two songs.

This is still a decent to good album and I hope we will soon get a full on album from this band. This is a decent teaser, though.

2.5 points

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