Sunday 20 September 2020

Guerin. Shaun - The Epic Quality Of Life (2003)

The second and final album from this US musician.

Shaun Guerin did the drums, bass, keyboards, guitars and vocals all by himself.

He was supported by three guest musicians who provided bass, keyboards, mellotron and guitars.

Shaun Guerin was a very successful studio musician before he decided to release his two albums. He would have released more albums if he had not passed away in 2004. 

An archive collection was released after his passing on the same year.

His 2002 debut album By The Dark Of Light was not a good album and missed the boat by some lakes. 

The Epic Quality Of Life gives us music in the vein of the album title. Epic symphonic prog with a lot of pomp pop sensibilities.

Genesis in the vein of Wind And Wuthering is the best reference here. The vocals is in the Peter Gabriel vein although the music is in the first albums of the Phil Collins era.

There is indeed a lot of Phil Collins in the vocals too.

The music is indeed good on this fifty odd minutes long album and one Genesis fans should check out. There is also a lot of US symphonic prog in the sound and music on this album.

The music is really good and the passing of Shaun Guerin may have robbed us for a lot good albums. I do not know but his two albums is well worth looking into.

3 points

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