Sunday 16 September 2018

Fritsch. Eloy - The Garden Of Emotions (2009)

The eight album from this Brazilian artist.

Eloy Fritsch did all the synths, samples and keyboards here. He had help from Deborah Fritsch (his wife ?) on vocals on a couple of tracks.

Eloy Fritsch is the keyboardist in a well known Brazilian prog rock band in addition to releasing albums on his own. All the albums is keyboards and synths albums.

This album starts with an opera like piece of melody with female opera vocals.

The music then moves into the usual Eloy Fritsch territory.

That means semi-dramatic and pomp neo-classical music with a lot of ambient and folk rock influences.

All of this on his synths and samples.

The music sounds non-organic and very plastic fantastic. I am no fan of this sound, his sound. The music feels devoid of any human souls.

The music on this seventy minutes long album is pretty good, though. There are some themes here which goes down well and demands the attention from the listener. The opera piece is rather good.

Hence my rating of this album.... one of his better ones.

2.5 points

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