Sunday 15 December 2019

Electric Light Orchestra - From Out Of Nowhere (2019)

The 17th album from this British band.

Jeff Lynne did all the guitars, piano, keyboards, bass, percussion and vocals on his own on this album.
Two guest musicians added tambourine and some piano.

.....Hmm... I did not really know what to make out of a new ELO album. But I got it as I got a lot of respect for both Jeff Lynne and ELO.

Not everything they have done has been relevant to me. But I still respect them a lot. So a review, it will be.

Jeff Lynne was obviously a big part of Travellin Wilburys and has worked with Sir Paul McCartney too. That is obviously on this album.

We are not finding much of the good old ELO from the 1970s here.What we get is the mix The Beatles and a bit of the good old ELO.

Having been 50 years in this business, I almost expected a half-baked album from Jeff Lynne. I was wrong. The music sounds very sincere and new here. This is not left overs and this is not an addition to his pension fund.

The songs is full of vocal harmonies and his good voice. The music is not the most technical challenging. He proves that he is a good guitarist though.

He is also proves that he still knows how to write good songs. The title track is a good one and so is a couple of other songs. Jeff Lynne has by no means shamed himself on this album. An album full of charming songs. And what more can we expect from Jeff Lynne anno 2019 ?

2.5 points

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