Thursday, 30 April 2020

Jadis - No Fear Of Looking Down (2016)

The ninth album from this British band.

The band was a quartet with a lineup of keyboards, guitars, drums, bass, piano, hurdy gurdy, percussion, flute and vocals.

This is their first album for four years.

 I was not happy about their See Right Through You album from 2012. Hence, I had no hopes for this album.

Martin Orford is back on the keys again. Gary Chandler is also here.

The music is a sort of very lush neo-prog.

With the word "lush", I mean the band has taken a lot from folk rock and a lot from symphonic prog on this album. Their flirtations with indie and pop-rock is mostly gone on this album. The band has instead used the rich British folk and symph tradition from the 1970s.

The sound is still modern and the vocals is really good. Ditto for the keyboards and guitars. There is a lot of good vocal harmonies here too.

The result is a good album which will satisfy everyone into neo-prog and beyond.

I am now hopeful they will release another studio album in the not so distant future as I am quite fond of this band.

3 points

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