Saturday, 25 May 2019

Amazing Blondel - Blondel (1973)

The fifth album from this British band.

The band was a duo with a lineup of flute, percussion, crumhorn, piano, guitars, recorder and vocals.
The band had help from numerous musicians who provided drums, bass, harpsischord, strings and backing vocals.
Steve Winwood, Simon Kirke and Paul Rodgers is among these guest musicians.

I was impressed by their previous album England and was looking a bit forward to this album. An album reviewed far later than I had hoped due to work pressure and other things.

The band has stripped back their sound and has returned as a more folk rock band than on England.

There is still a lot of melodies here and some good harmonies. And the music is not primitive folk rock either...

Blondel sees the band also take on board a bit pop music and adding a bit simplicity and rampant hooks and melodies to their brand of folk rock.

The music is pretty laid back with lots of good vocals harmonies. The instruments has been stripped back to being pretty much minimalism.

The result is forty minutes of accessible folk rock. The songs are decent to good throughout. There is not much for the brain here although the heart will like this uncomplicated music and the strings.

This is an album well worth checking out.

2.5 points


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