Monday 2 July 2018

Sebas Honing - Songs Of Seas And Oceans (2014)

The third album from this Dutch band.

Sebas Honing is a guitarist and a vocalist. He has got help from some others on this album. Drums, bass and keyboards, I guess.

He is also into windmills, I read in his biography at his website. Me too like windmills as I believe this is the way forward to create power to, among other things, keep my house hot and with enough electricity to continue with this blog. But I guess his interest is more about the old windmills in Europe. Those with proper houses. I applaud his interest, though.

He is also a very good electric guitarist and knows how to write songs too.

Songs which is not guitar solos and ego maniac guitar hero stuff. The music is more in the vein of neo-prog.

Yes, there are guitars and guitar solos here. But this album is so much more than that. The vocals for example. Some really very good vocals.

The songs mixes between gentle pastoral pieces and more harder neo-prog songs. There is a nice mix here. The mood is also a mix of melancholy and happiness. The right mix.

This album is one hour long and it has some very good songs throughout. It is indeed one of the better Dutch neo-prog albums I have heard for some time. Check out this album !

3.5 points

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