Thursday 4 April 2019

Nemo - Coma (2015)

The ninth album from this French band.

Nemo was a quartet with a lineup of drums, keyboards, guitars, bass and vocals on this album.

This French combo has been one of the most exciting bands to follow in the last twenty years.

Their mix of old French symphonic prog and the more modern sound of progressive metal and eclectic prog has given us some very good albums.

This is why I am not happy that this seems to be their final album. This although the main man here, Jean Pierre Louveton has released some solo albums. Albums I will check out in due time.

Coma is one hour long and continues on from the previous albums. That means clever, eclectic prog somewhere between Ange and Dream Theater.

The vocals is great and so is the guitars. There is some dreamy melodies here and some rather harder melodies.

All this with a superb sound and elegance.

And there is lots of small details to be happy about here.

This is another very good album from Nemo.

3.5 points


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