Friday 2 October 2020

SBB - Welcome (1979)

The ninth album from this band from Poland.

The band was a trio with a lineup of timpani, drums, bass, mellotron, moog, clavinet, organ, piano, guitars, harmonica, tubular bells, marimba, bouzouki, church organs, synths and vocals.
I am reviewing the original album from 1979. Metal Mind released an expanded version in 2005, doubling the length of this album. Go for that version as it is the only available one.
The original album is just over forty minutes long.
The band has gone up/down the symphonic prog route on Welcome.
The symphonic prog is very dense with some church organs and a big sound collage. It is a wall of sound throughout.
There is some good vocals here too.
There is some classical music influences here too and some fusion.
This music is not easy listening. 
Hidden in the cascades of sound, there is another good album from these legends from Poland. 
There is also a lot of interesting details on this album and that really makes it interesting.
Check out this album.
3 points

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