Thursday, 3 June 2021

Emerald Dawn. The - Nocturne (2019)

The third album from this band from England.

The band is a quartet with a lineup of drums, bass, guitars, saxophones, piano, keyboards, narration and vocals. 

Their previous album, the 2017 album Visions, changed my mind on this band after a not so impressive debut album. 

After hearing their first album, I thought this band was a poppy neo-prog band. I was wrong. Very wrong.

Visions was a rather dark and gloomy album. Nocturne continues down the same road.

There is a lot of similarities between Visions and Nocturne. The female vocals are dark and gloomy. So is the music too. The vocals reminds me a lot about a band I was involved with as a record label owner twenty-five years ago..... The Croatian band Ashes You Leave. 

Nocturne is not as gothic as their albums. But the music is dark and the guitar solos is shrieking and wailing. 

And the music is working very fine, thank you. 

This is indeed a very good album from a band which rightly is becoming one of the finest UK prog rock bands around these days. 

Check out this album.

3.5 points


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