Monday 14 May 2018

Kino - Radio Voltaire (2018)

The second album from this British band.

Kino is a duo with a lineup of bass, guitars and vocals.
The duo had help from another duo who provided drums and keyboards.

The band released their debut album Picture back in 2005 before they gave up the ghost. The reason may be that......

.... Kino is another British supergroup. The members are John Mitchell and Peter Trewavas from Lonely Robot, It Bites and Marillion.
They got help from the two other very experienced musicians John Beck (It Bites) and Craig Blundell (Steve Wilson). Yes, a supergroup. One of many.

Their music is melodic progressive rock. Melodic neo-prog. There is not many technical interesting details on this album. But there is enough to make the music interesting.

The album is seventy minutes long. That is a bit too long in my opinion for this kind of music. Music based on melodies and making good vibes with keyboards and guitars.
Peter Trewavas has some good guitar solos and John Mitchell's vocals is very good.

The songs are good throughout. But there is no songs that really fires up this album and makes it a great album. Nevertheless, it is a good album and an acceptable effort.

3 points 

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