Tuesday 6 April 2021

Fuchs - The Unity Of Two (2014)

The second album from this German band.

Fuchs is Hans-Jurgen Fuchs on guitars, bass, keyboards and backing vocals.

He got help from seven other musicians providing drums, keyboards, cello, violin, guitars and vocals.

I reviewed their third album Station Songs (2018) some time ago and liked that album a lot. Good German neo-prog.

The band's started out in that genre too on their 2012 debut album Leaving Home and continues in the same genre on The Unity Of Two.

I guess this is a sort of concept album as there is some hints of Cain and Abel from the Bible throughout the album.

The music here is very much in the vein of Steve Hogarth era Marillion. There is a lot of art rock here in addition to the normal neo-prog the band always offers up.

Marillion is a good reference, but Fuchs has their own style.

The overall quality is good throughout and there is nothing I can fault this album on. Some better songs, though.......

Check out this album if Marillion floats your boat.

3 points

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