Thursday, 24 January 2019

Agincourt - Fly Away (1970)

The one and only album from this British band.

The band was a trio with a lineup of guitars, bass, mandolin, organ, piano, percussion, auto harp and vocals. Both male and female vocals.
Two guest musicians provided drums and flute.

This is another very obscure British folk rock band who released one album and then disappeared again.

The obscurity is also revealed by the cover-art work which is very cheap looking. Even in 1970, that art-work is primitive.

The music too is pretty primitive folk rock.

There is plenty of good melodies here though and most of the songs has some acid-folk influences. This album is bordering to being an acid-folk album.

The vocals are angelic and really good. The music is not too bad. The album has a short life before the listener get a bit fed up. The music is immediate with a short life-span.

Those into folk rock will really like this album. It is a decent enough album.

2 points

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