Wednesday 26 June 2019

Nektar - Book Of Days (2008)

The 11th album from this British band.

Nektar was a quintet with a lineup of organ, keyboards, guitars, bass, drums and vocals.

The band has been releasing some albums in the melodic rock genre for a while after they gave up being a progressive rock band.

The quality has not been particular good and I cannot say I have been looking forward to listen to and then review each one of these albums.

Book Of Days is another Nektar album in the melodic rock genre.

There is a lot of AOR here and some hints of neo-prog. The cover art-work hints at something more sinister than that. But the cover art-work is very much misleading.

There is some ballads here and they are pretty dire. That despite of the rather good vocals from Roye Albrighton.

There are some half-good songs here. And there are some songs which makes the listener cringe and turn of the music.

This is another decent album from Nektar. Another decent album from a previously great band.

2 points

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