Saturday 11 April 2020

Emmens. Gert - Somewhere (2019)

The 32nd album from this Dutch artist.

Gert Emmens does everything here himself. Synths, drums, guitars, bass and vocals.
He has got some help from a female vocalist.

When I picked up this album, it was the first time I had ever heard about Gert Emmens.

He album debuted back in 1995 and has released his albums on electronica labels since the start of his career. I guess he must have a lot of fans and regular buyers of his albums.... 32 of them.

This is a very long album.... seventy-six minutes long. It is not a hippster LP friendly album, in other words.

The music is a mix of electronica, ambient and some sort of symphonic prog.

Most of the album is done by keyboards although it starts out as a neo-prog album with vocals and a proper song. That is a false dawn, though. That song is an OK song, btw.

There are some Japanese sounds here and Jade Warrior springs to mind as a reference.

The music is decent enough and there is some structures here. It is very ambient though and does not offer up a lot of dynamic plays and details.

I do not find anything good on this album and notes that this album would be fine for anyone into ambient music. It is decent enough and just that.

2 points

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