Tuesday 25 August 2020

Professor Tip Top - Tomorrow Is Delayed (2020)

The sixth album from this Norwegian band.

The band is a quartet with a lineup of guitars, bass, keyboards, synths, drums and vocals.

I have had the pleasure of having reviewed their two previous albums and they have been a bit of a mixed bag.

From psych rock to more commercial psych rock.

Tomorrow Is Delayed sees the band with a female vocalist.

Sonja Otto's vocals are great, btw and a good addition to their sound. Her vocals is also muscular and not soprano. Something that suits this music. Or maybe the band has built the music around her vocals. I do not know.

The music is still pretty commercial. It is also a bit psych rock with some folk rock influences. References are both Pink Floyd and Renaissance. There are also some French folk rock here in the vein of Edith Piaf.

This three quarters of an hour long album still pulls a punch and has some very good flute sounding synths and some good guitars.

The result is a very good album and a solid improvement on the previous two albums.

It is an album which will end up pretty high on the list of the best Norwegian albums of this year.

3.5 points

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