Friday 22 May 2020

Tiger Moth Tales - Cocoon (2014)

The debut album from this British band/project.

Tiger Moth Tales is Peter Jones own band where he on this album plays everything. That means guitars, talkbox, keyboards, saxophone, drum programming, bells, whistle, percussion, melodica and vocals.

There is no doubts that Peter Jones is a highly talented musician who is going to be a very positive force in the progressive rock scene in the future. He already is.

That he is blind makes no difference to his music. It just makes him a more admirable person.

Although he has been involved in other projects before Tiger Moth Tales, this is his solo project.

The music here is a mix of vaudeville rock, art rock and a lot of symphonic prog. I would label it as a symphonic prog album. It is weird music, but still symphonic prog.

Take Genesis from the Trick Of The Tale, add in the above and some cinematic music.

This seventy minutes long album is a ride up and down mountains. From the very good to the not so good. It never becomes dull though and it is always engaging.

There is things here who is not working. But most of it is really good to very good..

This is indeed a good album and I am looking forward to review the other three Tiger Moth Tales albums too this summer.

3 points


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