Monday 15 July 2019

Hawkwind - Quark, Strangeness And Charm (1977)

The seventh album from this British band.

The band was a quintet with a lineup of synths, percussion, violin, drums, bass, guitars, anvil, keyboards and vocals.

The band was moving on from their previous albums and absorbing new impulses. That is my main impression from this album.

The band had given the world the space rock blueprint & sound on their first albums. A great achievement in itself.

The band was developing though and started this album with a bit of pub rock and punk rock. Stripped down music.... but still space rock.

This forty minutes long album is a weird sounding album who also takes something from Gong too.

This album also proves that space rock also can be done in a different way that the band did on their previous albums. This is a space rock album as some of the music is way out there into the deeper space.

The violins and the vocals are weird. The guitars, bass, drums and keyboards does the normal space rock too. Stripped down but still space rock.

This is not their finest moment by far. But this album has something going for it and it is a good album.

3 points


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