Saturday 6 April 2019

Missing Piece. The - Dream Rider (2016)

The debut album from this Dutch band.

The Missing Piece is a quintet with a lineup of bass, drums, keyboards, guitars and vocals.

This band released this album and were then disbanded. But this album still deserve some attention and a review.

The band label their music as symphonic prog. Well.....

Take some goth metal, goth rock and add some progressive metal.... and melodic symphonic prog. Add a lot of neo-prog too and you get the picture.

The vocals are more in the goth metal vein than in the progressive rock tradition.

This one hour long album has this metal and goth sound which does not really sits well with me. The sound is the 1990s sound.

I get the feeling that I am reviewing a goth metal album in disguise. And the disguise is not particular well.

The music is decent enough but just that. I am no big fan of this album and can understand why this album has not set the world on fire.

2 points

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