Monday, 2 March 2020

Led Zeppelin - Physical Graffiti (1975)

The sixth album from this UK band.

The band was a quartet with Robert Plant, Jimmy Page, John Paul Jones and John Bonham. They had help from Ian Stewart, the secret Rolling Stones member, on one track.

Led Zeppelin is the best ever rock band our planet have had the pleasure of hosting. Their first five albums are classics and utter classics. They are also so far above and better than any albums from other bands.

I have not really spent that much time with Physical Graffiti as I have spent my time with their first five albums. I did review those five albums for Progarchives ten years ago.

This album is a double album. Eighty-two minutes long, to be more precise. Two CDs.

The first CD is a tour de force with some of the better things this band has given us. The monster track/hit Kashmir is leading the field with House Of The Holy, In My Time Of Dying and Trampled Under Foot as following in it's wake. Great songs indeed.

That disc is clearly a great disc.

The second CD gives us some material I am not really rating that highly. This material gives me the feeling that this band is mortal after all. They are able to do mistakes. The shine is falling of the band on this disc.

The songs on that disc is good and I will spend a lot more time with Physical Graffiti when I get older. This is a very good album from the best band, besides of The Beatles, this planet has ever seen.

3.5 points


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