Wednesday 11 March 2020

Pajaro - Paisajes (2019)

The debut album from this band from Argentina.

The band is a quintet with a lineup of keyboards, bass, drums, percussion, guitars and vocals.

Pajaro is a new name to me and they have released their album as a Bandcamp name-your-price album.

In short, this makes this an attractive album as you cannot fail by getting this album. You can later pay if you want...

The music is in the South-American vein of symphonic prog and fusion. The band follows in the footstep of many of the bands from the 1970s.

And the 1970s Argentine prog and fusion scene was a very good scene. It is nice to see that the band has stated this scene as an inspiration.... and a way forward for this band. They sounds like that scene.

The Spanish vocals here is really good and the music is sometimes in the vein of Camel and sometimes more art rock and fusion.

The sound is really cool and laid back. So is the music too. Pretty laid back and full of interesting details at times. The music also breaks out in instrumental jazz and fusion at times.

This album has a lot to offer and it is indeed a good album. It is an unmissable download album. Download and check out.

3 points

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