Thursday 25 July 2019

Electric Desert - Let's Talk About Freedom (2016)

The second album from this band from Israel.

The band was a quartet with a lineup of soprano saxophone, guitars, bass, drums and vocals.

I reviewed their 2014 self-titled debut album exactly four years ago for # 1 of this blog and was not too impressed with it. You can read my review here.

The band gives us a mix of folk-rock and happy metal. Gung ho metal, you may want to call it.

The difference between the likes of Tyr, Mago De Oz and Electric Desert is that Electric Desert is much more rock based.

Electric Desert has, as Orphaned Land has done, taken the folk music from Israel and the Middle East. From their ancient folk music traditions.

The music on this album is not that heavy either. It still invites the listener to a party and a dance. This is party and dance music. Not particular music you listen to in a sofa.

This is something the soprano saxophone and the vocals invites you to. A party. And the music is lively.

The music is not particular good, though. It is a decent enough album, though. But it is not an album I can endorse as the music is not good enough.

2 points

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