Saturday 14 December 2019

Dyble. Judy - Earth Is Sleeping (2018)

The seventh album from this British artist.

Judy Dyble does the vocals and autoharp here while she has help from numerous other musicians who delivers strings, woodwinds, flute, uillean pipes, guitars, drums, bass, percussion, keyboards and backing vocals.

The music here is mostly written by Judy Dyble in cooperation with other musicians. There is also a couple of old songs here..... from what I understand.

Judy Dyble is 70 years young and as alive as ever. It is a human being I really admire and cherish.

She was once a member of Fairport Convention and some other bands. Her solo albums has all been good and interesting. She is still involved in many projects.

Earth Is Sleeping is a lush pastoral folk album based on her vocals. There is strong connections to classical music and some acid jazz here.

The music is also pretty quirky and full of details. The music is intelligent and sometimes gives the brain a workout.

The sound is airy and just like what Judy need to elevate the songs a bit towards heaven.

The end result is a good album from this artist who still gives and gives. Check it out.

3 points

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