Sunday 14 June 2020

Porcelain Moon - ...As It Were. Here and There (2009)

The one and only album from this band Finland.

The band was a seven piece big band with a lineup of fiddle, organ, synths, guitars, bass, flute, drums and female vocals.

I have never heard about this band before the album came up for review. I cannot even remember how this album ended up on my hard-drive.

Their music is dominated by some very good female vocals. That female vocals is on the top of a mix of folk rock, rock and neo-prog.

The music is very lush indeed. The vocals is in the same vein as Anneke Giesbergen from The Gathering.

The music also has a fat, nice Hammond organ sound.

These forty-five minutes runs almost too fast as there is a lot of interesting details and melodies to enjoy here.

I am afraid this album will remain a hidden gem because nobody has really championed it. It is still an album very much worth checking out as this is a good album indeed.

3 points

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