Saturday 28 September 2019

Renegade Priest - Faces for the Troubadour (2019)

The debut album from this band from London.

Or is it a project ? Or a one man band ? I hear synths, guitars, organ, piano, drums, bass and vocals on this album.

If I knew I know nothing about this band, I would have put this review on a back-burner for a year or two. But too late.......

Well, that is the only thing that threw me a curve-ball in this review.

The music is a rather straight forward mix of Wally, Roger Waters, folk rock and Marillion. Add a spoonful of Pink Floyd and this album is ready served and to be consumed.

The vocals is really good here. Even very good and they are the main plus on this album.

The seven songs, which altogether gives us just over forty minutes of music, is rather good too. A bit on the uncomplicated and easy listening. Which makes me believe this is a one-man band.... Nevertheless, there is a lot of quality here.

This album is not particular technical in any form or shape. It is just a good album throughout and has a good down to earth sound too.

Check out this album.

3 points


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