Sunday 28 March 2021

Yacobs - Beautiful (2020)

The sixth album from Ulf Jacobs from Germany.

Ulf did the keyboards, piano, drums and vocals himself.

He had help from a quartet who provided flute, guitars, bass and backing vocals.

After an eight years long break, Ulf Jacobs returns again. His main band Argos had been not so busy either so I guess non-musical things in life has taken over as the main priority. Something I respect.

Yacobs plays German neo-prog. The music is leaning towards Pink Floyd with some female wailing vocals at time. 

There is also some more pastoral pieces where Ulf's vocals is alone over some good keyboards, guitars and piano.

The strength of the songs means almost everything here. The sound is very good and the music has a good ambience. The songs are also good.

I wish Ulf welcome back again with this good album. An album all neo-prog fans will appreciate.

3 points

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