Saturday 4 May 2019

Far Meadow. The - Foreign Land (2019)

The third album from this band from London, England.

The band is a quintet with a lineup of keyboards, bass, drums, guitars and female vocals.

The Far Meadow is one of those new lush neo-prog bands who has come out of Great Britain in the last decade. That to the joy of myself and many others.

I had the pleasure of reviewing their 2012 debut album Where Joys Abound for # 1 of this blog. Actually, I did not like that album at all.

That is why I gave their second album a wide berth and only caught up with them again on their new album based on positive reviews in ProgArchives.

And I am glad I did.

The band delivers some really lush neo-prog with some hints of folk rock and symphonic prog. There is also some hints of Magenta here and some hints of US pop rock.

There is no real great tracks on this fifty minutes long album. Nevertheless, the music is very colourful with some very good vocals and solos.

This album is a joy and a very good album.

3.5 points



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