Thursday 14 May 2020

Jade Warrior - At Peace (1989)

The ninth album from this British band.

The band is a duo and the lineup is acoustic guitar, flute and synth.

This is Tony Duhig and Jon Field recording a duo album after several albums where they have hired in extra musicians.

The band has a reputation for being an ambient band and they more than live up to that on this album.

This is ambient as in horizontal and almost dead. The emphasis is on the mood here and not so much on the melody.

It is hard to stay concentrated throughout these forty-four minutes, three "pieces of music". The flute sound on the top of the synths is fairly good and there is method behind this horizontally straight out droning music.

There is actually music here, believe it or not.

This is not a good album. It is a half decent album and not really anywhere near this band at their best.

1.5 points

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