Wednesday, 6 November 2019

Clouds - Watercolour Days (1971)

The third and final album from this band from Edinburgh, UK.

The band was a trio with a lineup of organ, piano, harspichord, mouth organ, bass, drums and vocals.
Their manager did the full orchestration.

How this band never had a breakthrough is a mystery nobody really can answer. Well, their manager can. They were poorly managed, from what I have heard.

The band has scaled back on their ELP influences from the second album and gone a bit more psych.

There is still enough ELP influences here to make it really interesting in addition to the psych and the beat you find here.

Sophisticated psych and beat is perhaps the right label on this album.

The vocals and the Hammond organs are really cool here. There is no guitars here and they are not missed at all. The Hammond organ does what need to be done here. And that sound is fat as in creamy. A delight for both cats and prog rock fans.

The songs are not as good as on their second album. It is still an album somewhere between decent and good.

This band's three albums is collected in one box and this box should be purchased. It is a smorgasboard box.

2.5 points

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