Monday 12 October 2020

Marillion - Seasons End (1989)

The fifth album from this British band.

The band was as quintet with a lineup of drums, percussion, bass, guitars, keyboards and vocals.

The band had help from a bagpipe player and a saxophonist on this album.

I am a big fan of the Fish era of Marillion and has for the last 25 years avoiding touching the Steve Hogarth albums. Which is the vast majority of the Marillion albums.

I have always wondered why there has been Marillion meetups around the Europe. Meetups dedicated to the Steve Hogarth era and not so much to the Fish era. 

I also happens to like the bands which is very much influenced by the Steve Hogarth era. 

So it is about time to investigate the Steve Hogarth era, the Marillion albums he has done.

.... Starting with his first album as the vocalist in Marillion. An album which is the follow up to one of my favourite albums of all time; Clutching At Straws.

Let me first say that Steve Hogarth is a great vocalist. Both on the albums, live and as a frontman of the band. His vocals on this album is very good. 

The band has scrapped the Genesis fanboy sound and that is probably for the best. I still love that sound... But their new direction is for the best of the band and the genre.

Are they still a neo-prog band ? Yes, they are that but I state that under a lot of doubts. And they are still the kings of the genre on this album.

The guitars are really good and a remainder that it is the guitarist Steve Rothery who are the sound and soul of Marillion.

I find myself really liking the songs on this album and I am more than accepting Steve Hogarth as the vocalist. He is different, but still great.

There is a couple of deadwood songs here. The album is bordering to great. 

This is indeed a great album.... OK, rounded up from somewhere between very good and great. I am still a bit surprised. But I get this new Marillion now and I am very much looking forward to listen to and review the rest of their albums.

4 points

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