Saturday 5 May 2018

Marbin - Israeli Jazz (2018)

The sixth album from this multi-national band.

Marbin is a quartet with a lineup of drums, saxophone, guitars and bass.

I have followed this band since they started out as they are releasing their albums through MoonJune Records. I am more a follower of that label than Marbin, to be more precise.....

I have reviewed their albums for # 1 of this blog and one for ProgArchives. So I know their music.

Marbin plays jazz with a lot of fusion inspirations. Their brand of jazz is highly intense and pretty ferocious. Sometimes, the band feels like a swarm of angry wasps.

The band has always been like that and the one hour long Israeli Jazz is no exception from that rule. There are some jiddish folk music influences on this album. But Marbin has always had those influences too.

This is another good album from this hard touring band and one that is not letting down their fans. Maybe the band is missing a truly great album from their discography to really setting the jazz world alight and write their names in gold into the history of jazz. Israeli Jazz is good, but not that kind of album.

Nevertheless, Marbin delivers the goods on this album.

3 points


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