Monday 24 September 2018

Contraband - Time & Space (1971)

The one and only album from this Dutch band.

The band was a quintet with a lineup of double-bass, piano, saxophones, flutes, violin, organ, bass, drums, percussion and guitars.

This band was a one-off band who recorded this album and then disappeared again.

The music on this album is a mix of fusion and jazz.

Most of the music is piano and saxophone dominated jazz with a lot of free improvisations and avant-garde jazz bits. Music which sounds bit too dense avant-garde too me and most of us.

The opening minutes of this forty odd minutes long album is very promising fusion though. The saxophones on this album is really good too.

It is not an album who really speaks well to those outside the jazz aficinados crowd. I am not one of them and this album is not winning me over.

Still, some of the music here is really good and I feel drawn more and more towards jazz when listening to albums like this one.

Check out this album if jazz is your thing.

2.5 points

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