Monday, 19 April 2021

Caligonaut - Magnified As Giants (2021)

The debut album from this Norwegian band.

The band is Ole Michael Bjorndal's solo project. He is member of Oak and Airbag and does the guitars and vocals on this album.

He got help from members of bands like Pymlico, Wobbler, White Willow and Airbag. They contribute with drums, bass, violin, guitars, church organ, mellotron, synths, keyboards and vocals.

A bit of a super group in other words. But that does not necessary means a good product.

Magnified As Giants gives us fifty minutes divided on four songs... four compositions. 

References are Pink Floyd, Wobbler, King Crimson, Yes and Genesis. And you can also add the Norwegian symphonic prog scene as a whole as references. 

This is indeed a symphonic prog album. The music is a bit eclectic and more than most symphonic prog albums. But that is Norwegian symphonic prog for you and it's sound and style. 

The vocals is very good and the same can also be said for the music here. It is shading greatness, this album and the many great details elevates this album to greatness. 

This will surely be rated as one of the best albums of the year come next winter. Get this album.

4 points


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