Thursday 7 May 2020

Jade Warrior - Horizen (1984)

The eight album from this British duo.

Jade Warrior is Jon Field and Tony Duhig on Chinese flutes, percussion, alto, guitars and guitar synths.
They had help from guest musicians who provided guitars, bass, flutes, saxophones, steel drums, drums and a full choir.

I have really enjoyed most of their first albums and I get what they are doing. I get their concept and their sound.

Horizen sees the band explore Chinese and Japanese classical music and making it more accessible to the Western ears and musical palate/taste.

There are some really good melodies going on here and the Eastern feel is never far away.

Some may label this album as ambient music. I disagree. This is a symphonic prog album with Chinese and Japanese classical music underpinning the music. Just as ELP did albums like this with Western classical music.

The music is at times pretty dynamic with lots of guitars, saxophones, bass and steel drums.

The music is also very good throughout this album. It is indeed a bit of an eyeopener, this album.

It is a recommended album and one to check out.

3.5 points


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