Sunday 18 August 2019

Samurai Of Prog. The - Toki No Kaze (2019)

The seventh album from this multi-national project.

The project is a trio with a lineup of bass, violin, guitars, flute, drums, percussion and vocals.
They are supported by twenty guest musicians who provides trumpet, sax, French horn, keyboards, guitars, piano and vocals.

The Samurai Of Prog is a communal project and it has given us seven albums. I have reviewed some of them in this blog and in # 1 of this blog.

The albums is always long.... seventy-five minutes long.

And the music is always melodic symphonic prog. Melodic symphonic prog with some RPI and folk rock influences. Not to mention classic music influences.

This time, we also get a lot Japanese symphonic prog influences too. Even Japanese vocalists takes part here. That is a welcome variation from their other albums.

There is a lot to be happy about this album. I feel like a well stocked smorgasbord has been put in front of me. And I am really having a very nice meal... as I am taking in the various flavours this album offers me.

The only thing missing here is a really killer track. A track which would elevate this album from the very good status it deserve.

This is indeed a very good album and one album symphonic prog fans should get.

3.5 points

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