Saturday 12 May 2018

Toundra - Vortex (2018)

The fifth album from this Spanish band.

Toundra is a quartet with a lineup of flamenco guitars, bass, drums, acoustic and electric guitars.

I have always liked this Spanish band and have reviewed their previous four albums for # 1 of this blog. You can find these reviews somewhere here.

The band is a experimental metal band..... or so everyone says. Well, they are. But the band is also very much a post rock band.

Their version of post rock is very hard and therefore in the metal vein. Post metal ?

The cover art-work describes the music pretty much. Toundra takes us through a barren landscape on this album. There is very little life here besides of walls of guitars. The flamenco and the acoustic guitars add some life though.

Vortex is probably their hardest and most esoteric album so far. The ebbs and flows in their music still creates a compelling album which drags the listener into their barren world.

It is also a good forty minutes long album with a lot of good melody lines and guitar walls. This band knows how to make instrumental metal and they are one of the best bands in that genre. Check out this album.

3 points


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