Thursday 20 June 2019

Mythopoeic Mind - Mythopoetry (2019)

The debut album from this Norwegian band.

The band, or rather the project, is a seven piece big band with a lineup of drums, keyboards, alto and soprano sax, trumpet, guitars, bass, programming and vocals.
Two guest musicians contributed with Chapman stick and analogue synth.

This band is new. But it contains members from Pymlico, Panzerpappa and some other bands from the Norwegian scene. It is therefore more like a project.

This album was very hyped when it was released and I was caught up in it. I could therefore not understand why I did not like or understand it. So I gave it a long break and only went back to it these days.

This is supposed to be a symphonic prog album. Well....... I would rather call it crossover prog. It is by no means a traditional symphonic prog album.... or a symphonic prog album.

I am not sure where Steinar Borve, the band/project owner wanted when he composed these forty minutes worth of music. A break with his band Panzerpappa, I guess.

The music here is not melodic and it is not a crossover to more lighter prog. It is rather more complex and dense than I expected. The music is eclectic, indeed.

The quality is not that good and I am still of the opinion that the album is not living up to the hype. The vocals is also a major fault on this album.

This is a decent to good album, but nothing more than that.

2.5 points

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