Monday 27 May 2019

Cosmograf - End Of Ecclesia (2009)

The debut album from this UK band.

The band was only Robin Armstrong on guitars, keyboards, drums, bass and vocals on this album.
He had help from a guest musician on one track who added guitars and bass.

I interviewed Robin for ProgArchives right after the release of the second Cosmograf album When Age Has Done It's Duty in 2011 and got the feeling that End Of Ecclesia was a bit of a touchy subject.

When Age Has Done It's Duty is a superb album though and the subsequent album has also been very good. I am reviewing some of them this summer.

End Of Ecclesia is the one hour long album and it is a debut album. Ideas is tested and discarded. From listening to the other albums, most ideas from this album has been discarded.

This one hour give us a mix of neo-prog, harder prog and more art rock.

You can to a large extent hear that this is a Cosmograf album.... and then again, you can't. But the DNA is here. There are some prog metal stuff here who does not really flies.

The worst song here by miles is Cosmograf's version of the hippie flower-power evergreen San Fransisco by Scott McKenzie. It is renamed Flowers In The Hair on this album and it is a really bad song in Cosmograf's hands.

The rest of the album is somewhat better. But not by much.

This is a decent album which is nowhere near as good as the other Cosmograf albums.

2 points

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